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Ci siamo quasi! Gli Skeletoon iniziano la loro campagna su Musicraiser!

Noi abbiamo curato i loro video promozionali, shooting fotografico ed una web series ispirata al film Goonies.

What The Hell is "THEY NEVER SAY DIE"??

Hey Nerd MetalHeads from all around the world, this is a call for all of you!!We, SKELETOON, are going to let our biggest Treasure Hunt start, and we need all of your support!“THEY NEVER SAY DIE” our new & 3rd Power metal album based on " The Goonies" movie will see the light from June on, after we will have “forged” it side by side to Simone Mularoni in Domination Studio, you already know it…but here’s the news: this album will be produced with Musicraiser, supported by an Interactive Webserie where YOU will be directors: If you decide to support us during our Treasure Hunt, you all will be rewarded with amazing and exclusive prizes!!Did you enjoy Alessio Lucatti (Deathless Legacy/ Vision Divine) & Guido Benedetti (TRICK OR TREAT) are guests in it?? Did you love the amazing Artwork done by great Stan W Decker?? Well, Start the Hunt and you will discover all other great friends that took part in it, & get LIMITED BUNDLES reserved only for Raisers!!!Wanna already know more?Send us a Private message here on this page asking for the first “Clue” and you will take an ENOURMOUS ADVANTAGE to rescue the Treasure!!Or, if you are not brave enough for that, just wait HERE to start the Hunt with the first WEBSERIE “SkeleToon-ies” Episode, this Saturday, March 10th at 14.00 (Rome time)…and remember: Goonies, “THEY NEVER SAY DIE” !!!!Video by MIZUKOVIDEO

Pubblicato da SkeleToon su Lunedì 5 marzo 2018

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