Full lightening equipment, backgrounds and available studio space is provided and included in the the rental price.

2 Fresnel Dimmer spot light 1000w, 2 flash heads  (600 Ws), 2 flash heads  (400 Ws), 7 soft boxes: softbox and octagon softbox 90cm, 70cm parabolic umbrella, 2 Led Light dimmable, 6 Led RBG with mixer, 2 RGB Led pin spot, reflectors, beauty dish 45cm, girafe, tripods, 2 poliboards B/W (2,5 x 1m), paper and fabric backgrounds (white, gray, black), black fabric 6x6m, green screen fabric 6x6m, 2 stand for background, clothes rails, iron with steamer and fast wi-fi internet.

Electricity current for photography is 220 Volt 3kw/h.



The space is around 200mq, and ceiling height 5,5m.

Primarily used for photography, still-life, fashion and commercial the studio space can be used for events, castings, workshops, presentations and temporary showroom.

The photo located in the 3rd floor, an industrial elevator gives the possibility to enter inside the studio by motorbike or mini car.

Wc, Studio recorder, make up and private parking.


Please send and SMS or Whatsapp +39 3921288908 Elisabetta,

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We will check for availability and message you back.

Booking can be made 24 hours a day.

Confirmed appointment only. No walk-in.

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